When the days of the jackals are numbered
And the laughing lions prowl the killing fields

When Ulaan Bator goes to Cabella
And Cabella comes to Ulaan Bator

And the galloping horse stands motionless
And the motionless horse is on the run

When dawn flows into the dusk
And dusk softens the rise of dawn

When all wealth is given up
To enjoy wealth untold and unseen before

When the room is left empty
For its vacuity to be filled by the Presence

When death comes in a scream
And rebirth unfolds in silence


Aching will leave my joints
The cursing pains will drop from my limbs

Shivers no longer will agitate this heart
I shall raise my head

In the amplitude of free Iness
Anointed by the pouring Amrit

Under the smile of My Lady of Grace
I shall walk through the gate

Which brought me here
When the jackals were still howling

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