The Gate of Isis


Have we started to fear the great puppeteer?
Are we able to see how this game is played?
Can you see the wisdom of feeling awe and fear
No matter how hard the metal in which you were made?

Hell is not boiling in a far away cave
It may explode now in the sinew of your brain
Once we understand we shall no longer be brave
Cause it is a dance of doom, a drag and a drain.

The illusion is thick, it becomes material
Was it not matter that forged the shackles of doom?
What is phoney and false, we thought it is real,
The sky of joy is hidden by a dark haze of gloom.

And now where to escape, to whom shall we complain?
Those who came to warn us were never well received.
We’ll discover new meanings to the very word pain

But how we landed in hell, we never perceived.