The Gate of Isis

Surrounded by jackals

On the battle field we stand united, outnumbered, but will not yield swords in hand we march forth without fear slaughtering any of our foes that dare come near were still young and have a lot to learn but in each of our hearts there is fire that burns sheding light, parting the mist ahead, we will be standing when all our foes lie dead why? you may ask… and truly i will reply: “She sits in our hearts, it is for Her only that we will die”

The Aspiring Scribe
Dedicated to all the soldiers… those that ride without fear… weapons drawn… to bring war upon satan and his spawn… There is only ONE choice my friend….. But TWO Paths…. There is only ONE judgement but TWO outcomes… Which side of the line will you be on?…. when the words of judgment are pronounced….. Life is a game that is true but it is a game that can be lost…. so make sure that when the sun sets who have chosen your side… or you will find yourself alone… from heaven denied…….