The Gate of Isis


How am i to pierce the veil of truth?

How am i to drink the waters of eternal youth?

How will a blind man behold his beauty?

How will a cripple step back awed by his majesty?

How will the tears of joy fall as they pay homage

to the beauty of this blissful silence whose image

i aspire to see with my own eyes?, so revered

but of yet, not fully revealed, concealed

by the shadows that haunt my consciousness

O lord if i cant feel you my existence is meaningless.

To live without knowing absolute unity

is like eating poison and turning from beauty

there is only pain, no sense or reason.

i have less worth than a leaf who changes with the season

for this leaf has a purpose and fulfills his role

he knows you but do I? I’ve had a glimpse of my soul,

and the treasure therein, for a moment i was intoxicated

But O lord if i cant feel you always, my life is wasted.

Your son has heard of the path but knows it not

show it to him who prays fearful of the rot

that plagues the consciousness of the saint

who allows his attention to wade without restraint,

into the waters of illusion for indeed

my mind still doesn’t have the discipline of a seed

that meditates solely on germination.

O lord I have received my self realization

A seed was born, now he prays and aspires

to germinate, Lord purify my desires

I don’t know how or when so I pray and I pray

I implore with my heart which is now a tray

on which, begging, I request You place Your feet.

I can laugh at death but if you and I don’t meet

I will laugh at my life and that laughter

will echo in a life whose emptiness will kill as I suffer…