The Gate of Artemis


Custom is the law that has been spoken by the accumulated wisdom of the centuries. One of the oldest customs, upheld through millennia and in all civilizations, is that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. When along with others before, the French government promulgated a law stating otherwise, hundred of thousands marched in the streets in protest. But the enlightened medias decried them as fanatics and homophobes, without caring to mention even once that marriage used to be a fundamental institution for familial, communal and social stability; the monogamous formula that enshrines the love between man and woman has emerged through millennia of trials, errors and success.
Those who promulgated these laws in the West think they just have to overcome the obscurantism of religious bigots that still stick to moribund Christianity. They do not want to see that the majority of educated and uneducated mankind, notably in Asia, look at them in silent contempt, rejoicing that the supremacy the West enjoyed in the past centuries is dispatched to oblivion by these manifest signs of decadence coming on top of a time of severe economic hardships.
Western diplomats who defend human rights do not quite figure why their Egyptian, Chinese or Indian counterparts do not take them quite seriously.
Western definition of right and wrong and its defense of values simply lack credibility when they disconnect ethics from personal morality. The pretence to defend human right while destroying the family is not convincing. Left wing politicians may have the right aspiration for social justice but their compass sadly lost the meaning of morality as the foundation for collective safety & sanity.
The ‘silent majority’ believes that a family is the expression of the love between one man and one woman. Can a law promoted for the sake of political expediency erase this universal legacy at once?
Our descendants will see these laws as a regression, not a progress, an acceleration of the descending spiral that, at the beginning of the third millennium, manifested the self inflicted decline of the West.