The Gate of Artemis


Only when the illusion is real, is it really an illusion.
A mask on the face of a comedian is not an illusion because everyone can see it is a mask.
But the mask of our misidentifications is a real illusion because we take it for our reality.
This mask is a web and, everyday, it is woven anew by the threads of our thoughts and, less frequently perhaps, our emotions.
Modern relativism is the world view in which the creation and expansion of illusions is declared to be the real world.
The ancient called this the Bhavasagara, the ocean of illusions.
The Buddha called this the cycle of desires, suffering and resulting rebirths.
This is a carrousel without visible exit, though we have been looking for it.
The door is hidden, the door is shut. But it was meant to be revealed and opened.
Christ said He is the door but few are those who could pass through Him.
The Redeemer, Counselor and Comforter came after him as He had promised.
And She broke the Seventh Seal.