The Gate of Artemis


Room 204. February 2010. Yet another time the Vashi Center for Applied Consciousness Research has proven its worth.
We are like scattered star fighters, roaming in the vast galactic night of this cosmos of illusions, fighting a war against foes we do not always recognize, mostly ourselves.
The Center is like a Mother Ship, fully equipped with hospital, repair and maintenance facilities and a congenial rest and recuperation environment. When the damaged star fighters dock there to service the engines and rewire the circuitry, we bring ourselves, that is, we bring both the friend and the foe in that ongoing battle. Actually we bring in the full battlefield because the battle is always inside even though we often mistakenly think that it is outside.
Spacecrafts fly in from all corners of the planet, Australia, China, Rumania, India, and Switzerland… Space travelers are often exhausted and weary; there are women and men, elderly and children and the occasional raving lunatic who entertains and worries the staff of the Mother Ship.
The ship is under the command of a young admiral who goes about his own errands but keep an ever-watchful eye on all things. His wife, a healer and a priestess who connects to the Force emitted by the benevolent ruler of the galaxy, runs the regeneration programme.
Indeed there is a special charm, a grace that is beamed from the high abode of the Queen on the Mother Ship. Visitors settle in, gradually positioning themselves to catch the beam and the healing process starts. The staff provides the operating system, procedures ad advice to establish the connections. No one can predict exactly at which point of the treatment we debug the corrupted files and download the reality master copy. But it works.
We don’t quite know when the starships are recharged with the Force of the beam. But it works and it has to do with the reality check switch.
“ How does it work? “ The puzzled pilots do ask sometimes such questions.
Some say it works because the star fighters are repositioned and carried by the waves on the flight path of the beam. It is then a matter of location and trajectory. Many say it works also because of the lore of the priestess who is a carrier of the Queen’s blessings. Other say it works because of the Shraddha encryption that opens the locking system so that we may receive the beam.
“What is Shraddha?” they then ask.
But there should remain a few secrets on the modus operandi of the Mother Ship.