The Gate of Artemis


Shri MatajiOver consumption in rich countries, exacerbated by an inequitable globalisation process and predatory business practices, have led our planet into a global crisis. Water scarcity, degraded lands, lost forests, extinct species, changing climate with devastating consequences, natural catastrophes, pollution are on the increase. And so is poverty, corruption and social inequality… Do YOU really believe that our politicians and bureaucrats are solving these issues at the World Summit? If you do, you haven’t yet woken up.
Perhaps it is not up to THEM but up to US.
How to achieve sustainable consumption patterns in a materialist civilisation that puts a huge premium on seeking satisfaction through material ownership and phoney status symbols? Simple: by getting a kick out of being, not having. It is a question of awareness. We can enjoy higher levels of satisfaction and fulfilment by acceding to stages of higher consciousness. The needed changes in consumption patterns that deplete the resources of Mother Earth will then be welcomed.
Do you see any other way out?
In short the missing link is spirituality. Not a return to fundamentalist religions but a practical spirituality that works for the common man and not for just enriching the clergy. Before it works for the world it has to work for YOU. The only practical solution is a spiritual revolution, taking place at a global scale, that empowers each individual. We are not talking here about yet another new age scam but a concrete process to restore balance to the human psyche and Mother Earth.
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