* Religion like Yoga was meant to bind man and his God. Instead, it often let the demons loose.

* The opening of this millennium challenges us all to review the foundations of our civilization. Today, caught between dogmatism and decay, the world religions are in crisis. On one hand, the eagerness of zealots to hate and kill in the name of a God of Love is a paradox that recalls the darker hours of our medieval past. On the other hand, corrupt religions encouraged widespread ethical and moral corrosion. In modern societies, this is expressed in the shallowness of people that have forgotten their God.

* The history of mankind is replete with episodes of conflicts, aggressions or repression of our freedom of beliefs, linked to the assertion of religious creeds and dogmas. Despite the spread of modernity through globalization , the contemporary era is no exception. Armies again camp before Jerusalem. Recent wars, from Kosovo to Kashmir and terrorist aggression remind us that such misuse of religion is still alive in the present era of globalization.

* Can we bring a global response to religious factionalism and fundamentalism’s destructive trends?

* Globalization is the driving force of contemporary history. Nevertheless, the importance of the economic dimension of this process occults the deeper aspects of relationships between the people of this earth. Globalization based only on the materialist values of present day modernity can unlash centrifugal forces, resentment, conflicts and wars. Globalization grounded on spiritual values will prepare the unifying field of our togetherness, well being and prosperity.

* Squeezed in a global village, the various human tribes must rediscover the common message hidden behind the teachings of the religious instructors of mankind and reach the spiritual core of their humanity. This statement suggests why the genuine path of experimental spirituality must now render justice to the exhortations of Lao Tseu, Moses or Socrates and manifest collectively into a global religion.

* The teachings of HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, revealing the potential of spontaneous meditation, represent the historical religious breakthrough that fulfills the prediction of world religions such as Hinduism, Taoism, Judaism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or Sikhism. Mankind must now clearly perceive the importance of this guidance in the context of the challenges that threaten peace and prosperity on the international scene. The time has come to give these teachings full exposure.


* Technology, trade, finance and the liberalized economy seems at times, at odds with the fight against poverty, the wider distribution of wealth and the maintenance of regional cultures. The loss of the inner spiritual path causes the decay of traditional cultures, the egoism of corrupt elite, social alienation, violence and amorality.

* Alienation and moral decay, in turn, contribute to a justified movement of rejection of modernity, which unfortunately translates in the return to jingoism and fundamentalism. Henceforth, in a global world, modern amorality and religious fundamentalism are in an opposite yet, mutually reinforcing relationship.

* Globalization consists of the interaction between regional cultures that evolved around their respective religious core, information technology, the global economy, the common biosphere. A sharp increase in the rate and level of international transactions in these fields is an easily measurable index of the process of globalization.
* At the present time globalization trends are called in question. Increasing discontent in parts of the world community could, in times of recession, roll back the process and leave the global trading system adrift. Concerns about the globalization engine focus on the ethnocentric agenda of the have=s who use the global momentum to perpetuate exploitation relationships with the have not=s, a situation which opens wider socio-economic disparities.

* When spirituality declines, compassion and justice vanishes too. The present model of globalization could fail if it cannot be substantially adjusted to address solidarity, equity and ethical issues. In this process exclusively driven by materialist values, wider disparities exist within national societies and at the international level.

* To this day, international statecraft and politicians have yet to demonstrate that globalization is equally beneficial to all. Existing international policy instruments are inadequate to hold a critical mass of ” Global Equity Equilibrium”. Yet, starting to deal with the future before it reaches crisis level is the only way we will be able to avert real tragedy for our posterity.

* At the beginning of the third millennium, natural catastrophes, resources depletions, environmental scarcity as well as widespread poverty are the consequence of our spiritual wasteland. Public security threats, forced refugee flow or extreme instability within vulnerable regions reflect our questionable stewardship of this beautiful planet.

* An alternative scenario for evolutionary – as opposed to confrontational- globalization would call on policies to build up compatibility for a benevolent integration of societies.

* Indeed globalization present an unique opportunity to identify, in the common heritage of mankind, the seeds of a new found understanding of our togetherness and solidarity. Global challenges call for global responses that must be applicable at the local level.


* Religion is the living knowledge of our unity with Self, Nature and God. The emptied shell of our dogmas buried it. To overcome the present asphyxia of religions by superstitions, fanaticism or plain indifference, we must return to the inner spring of spirituality, at the heart of all religions. Only access to genuine spirituality will empower us to improve our societies and ourselves.

* Spiritual messages had fashioned the diverse ancient cultures of this planet, which are now eroded by religious decline and modernization. The connections between spirituality, common well being and nature have been much neglected and this is an area were progress is badly needed in this era of globalization. These relationships must be investigated in the context of policy fora at the highest level. To balance the conflicting energies of globalization and to reach a new level of collective integration, we must rediscover the path of spiritual behavior both at the individual and at the global level.

* An harmonious international integration process cannot be the fruit of economic relations alone. It ought to rest on the common denominator of the fundamental spiritual and ethical values at the core of all the great world civilization.

* At the same time, most attempts at achieving spiritual harmony between the faiths has ended in theoretical constructs without clear positive impact on our personal lifestyle or society as a whole. Although well meaning, these interactions could not raise from the mental to the spiritual levels. International statecraft and all men and women of good will must demonstrate that globalization does not become a vehicle for exploitation, and, to this effect, build confidence that a spiritually enlightened globalization is equally beneficial to all. We all would wish to emphasize what binds us together rather than what divides us. Buddha spoke about enlightenment; Christ said we must be born again, Mohammed spoke of the inner Jihad of self purification. Jewish mysticism invites us to feel the Presence or the Shekina. The question is how to do it?


* Sustainability of development cannot be reached without reverting to ethics. Ethics cannot be reached without inner spiritual transformation. Inner spiritual transformation cannot be reached without Self-realization. Self-realization cannot be reached without kundalini awakening. What does this mean?

* At this juncture we must recognize the transformational spirituality revealed through Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Self Realization is an actual psychosomatic experience of the awareness of the Spirit, revealed by the awakening of a dormant spiritual energy, the Kundalini, which rises within the spine to cross the limbic area of the brain. This is the genuine meaning of baptism.

* The experience is felt on the central nervous system. It does not boil down to yet another theological discourse. Consequences of this initiation unfold in a most concrete manner through improved health, enhanced cognitive capacities, emotional balance and spiritual insights.

* The benevolent message of HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has already transformed the life of a significant numbers of people in over 65 nations including in the United States. This call is made effective by the unique capacity of Sahaja Yoga to develop, at the experimental level, a new area of development for spiritual consciousness. The new level of satisfaction and fulfillment now accessible to man is no longer predominantly depending on material ownership.

* The objective of this spiritual revival is to achieve greater awareness for the individual and enhanced well being for the society through the establishment of a post materialist code of ethics. The New World shall be guided by the operating power of Love expressing itself in such principles as self-improvement, mutual respect, equity, compassion, justice and tolerance.

* Revolutionary thinkers of the past endeavored to change society without changing the individual. Mostly, they did not succeed. The neglect of the connections between Self, spirituality, nature and collective well being unleashed the destructive trends of globalization in modern history. Now are the time to become our true self and to counter negative forces through a global religion manifesting wisdom, love, justice and spiritual transformation.

* The spiritual capacity of Sahaja Yoga to empower individuals of all races and creeds makes this call uniquely effective! Rather than a revolution, the new consciousness represents a thorough but peaceful and benevolent evolutionary breakthrough.

* This holistic form of meditation, as taught by HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, manifests the potential to reactivate the core messages of the ancient world religions in a more coherent manner, through the actualization of the happening of Self-realization. Its manifestation is clearly an event of historical magnitude and we hope the established powers and their media may grasp it.

* Sahaja Yoga shall contribute both to personal fulfillment and to a new Global Equity Equilibrium. It calls for mutual understanding and tolerance between the world cultures, ethically driven policies, a more enlightened and equitable system of production, the valorization of hand made products and the respect for nature.

* A medieval Cistercian monk, Joachim dei Fiori, announced that, after the age of the Father and of the Son we would enter the Age of the Mother. Perhaps we can understand what he meant. The divine work of Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi manifests the power of Love as the operative Force that can guide history, in full conformity with the work of Christ and of all the great prophets of the past. We recognize in Her the Avatar of the primordial mother, the manifestation of the Holy Ghost that had been promised.

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