The Gate of Artemis


Not even a century ago, Sigmund Freud offered a psychoanalytical world view where people must fulfill themselves through sex, a reductionist theory heartily accepted in the post World War II period. Where did this pseudo science take us?
During a recent one-day seminar on sex addiction taking place in a Counseling and Teaching center in Gloucestershire, new evidence was provided on the destructiveness of pornography.
Research suggests that there will be a “tsunami” of sex addiction, depraved and socially harmful behavior in the next generation as currently 10 to 12 years old are exchanging porn imaging on their phones at school. The internet provide them this glorious service free of charge of course.
The facilitator could link the risk of being addicted to sex to this early exposure of raw and sometimes violent images that young children at this age simply cannot process. These youngsters assume that this sort of behavior is the norm as it is so widely advertised and shared. They slide early in an imaginary world, the virtual paradise of cybersex that disconnects them from reality and from the possibility to have a real, mature and meaningful partnership and sex life.
Moreover the frontier of pornography is not limited to consenting partnership exchanges but it invariably crosses into sado masochism territory. From different sources, it becomes obvious that hard-core porn images involving coercion/violence, absorbed by teenagers, can lead to criminal offences such as gang rape, forced sex etc. Young girls or boys are coerced or accept the coercion. Hard to know which one is worst for the future psychic and emotional balance of those involved?
There is no health in society without healthy families and sex addiction is a family breaker. Cost of sex addiction to individual happiness, families or health care system is enormous and climbing fast. In the meantime the parliamentary report on child abuse in the UK to be released in September is said to be devastating.
Why cannot a sane society take on the porno rats, the pornocrats, the porno millionaires, the Internet providers and servers, which pour filth in the heads of adults and now children? Thanks to the Daily Mail to take notice.
We cannot leave the cause of healing our race from this infection to the mullahs, the televangelists and other religious preachers, some of them of the pedophile sort. Some have lost moral credibility because falling into similar addictions. Citizens should not be fooled into thinking that the threat to our civilization comes from “terrorists” or “foreigners”. As we peer through the window, watching who may be the next neighborhood offender, it already crept into our homes and our portable telephones.
It will take more than UNICEF to defend our children. Do we believe in destroying the attention of kids in the name of the freedom of speech? What the hell are our politicians, legislators and law enforcement systems doing about this monumental shame?