The Gate of Artemis

N.R.G. Natural Recharge of Goodness. Energy!

There is something in life like the fight of Good and Evil. And it is tiring because it has been going on for millennia and evil is doing pretty well.
How to recharge the batteries for those who still soldier on on the side of goodness? They should take a clue from the demons Antea – Greek mythology- and Madhu and Kaithaba – Hindu mythology. Both were picking up strength again every time their feet touched the ground.
This means there is energy in nature, in the elements, the earth, the ocean, the rivers the fire, the wind.
The sahaja protocols are including a technique to tap this and recharge our strength. It works on the principle that matter responds to an infusion of spiritual energy catalyzed by the appropriate mantras. For the Goddess is also Prakriti, Nature itself, and Her power can arise in nature for the sake of goodness.
I prayed to the ocean “Grand father, please give me strength, you have so much of it. I took the mantra. And I felt the strength. Instantly. Such is the magic of N.R.G.