The Gate of Artemis


Jim: We perceive the world through our senses, we are emotionally vulnerable and we steer ourselves through our thinking process, trying to figure things out. We are operating on all of these tracks. If everything is made of matter, how is consciousness possible? What is the relationship between matter, our thoughts and consciousness?
God is deposited within us as reality, consciousness and joy. Truth is our perception of this reality. This deposit within us is the reflection of the core essences of these states that constitute Divinity. When the reflections of these aspects grow within us we become more accurate reflectors of the magnitude of His awesome Totality.
Why would God do such a thing?

Love wants to share itself and that is what started the whole creation, the leela, in the first place, so that multiplying His oneness into the many, the various parts and reflections could experience love as they interrelate.
How can we know this?
First there is meditation, then introspection, and then traveling. That is, we become equipped to discover our inner landscape. Intuition is the first inkling of our umbilical relationship with reality. It is brought to the conscious mind by Hanuman. Intuition is an irruption of reality that our consciousness can clothe for a while with thoughts. Thoughts give a shape to true knowledge. However, if the thinking process lasts too long, the effect of this initial insemination thins out and thinking becomes vacuous again.
How does intuition take place? When and how does that come to us?
Simple: when we open ourselves. To evolve is to surrender.
What is surrender?
At the animal level, which is still pulsating in us, the creatures grab things for themselves: animals grab food, humans grab possessions. When the Father asked the Son to show the way of further evolution, it is because we need to go beyond this process to rise. We can rise to a state where we know we are provided for (see the lilies in the field, the birds in the sky )and we do not need to secure our survival or well being: it is assured by our plugging into the supremely effective machinery of the paramchaitanya. This is called surrender.
Surrender is a loaded word: in military terms it means capitulation, the fall of the city, defeat. How can we wish it? In spiritual terms, surrender means escaping the encasement of our ego, the appearances of our virtual identity, it means connecting. It happens when the Kundalini moves from the nabhi to the agnya,
How to surrender?
I know. I mean I do not know. I mean I do not know whether I know or not. This is the dialectic of the drop of the water and the ocean.
A drop of water is a lonesome thing. It cannot love the rock, but the wave can.
First let us try to understand. Then let us desire to love. It sets the stage. Then, watching the ocean licking the rock, we receive the love that is contained in that caress and are conscious of love within matter.
The ocean is not just loving the rock, it is loving us too. It feels so good.
And we are conscious of that, which by the way, is a significant advantage over the wave and the rock. The enlightenment of the electrons in our brains is the support through which we can feel the omnipresence of His love with the brain. Kundalini awakening brings the heart to the brain and thus we can feel and enjoy so consciously. Nature lovers just enjoy it without being conscious of its divinity content.
The miracle is we are getting it. What are we?
At this stage of our journey, we are what we become. Surrender is what was shown by the Messiah. But we did not understand Him. The Jews did not recognize Him. The Christians thought they did but completely missed the point. The instrument to tap the magic was not yet activated. We needed the Gift of the Holy Spirit, the Goddess.
Indeed, the sun scintillated in a softly shivering Sound lapping the rocks at Manor Park in Larchmont and the magic was plain for us to feel.
New Rochelle -New Roc City 17 04 2005