The Gate of Artemis


I am not the only one to say so of course. Our food industry has promoted processed food with addictive substances (MSG, artificial flavor enhancers, preservatives) that enslaves the captive market of those who want to eat more. Junk food and beverages without real nutrition encourages the continuous craving of the body that is deprived of what it needs to balance itself and ensure the proper functioning of body fluids and organs. Our eating habits –some of the stickiest acquired conditionings – can thus more easily lead to over weight, high cholesterol or diabetes .
Preservatives and additives in the products have pushed for decades new toxins in the body that add up to those carried by other products we now eat, which are saturated by pesticides, herbicides and the chemicals from contaminated soils. Artificial fertilizers have depleted the nutritional biodiversity of our topsoil. And let us not even go into antibiotics and hormones in industrially produced poultry, pork and beef.
Many do not notice. The marketing advertising industry blesses the dubious new food as being the good old food of grand ma, which indeed was another matter in a different and cleaner world. The marketing world in turn greatly influences the medias that it subsidizes. Scientific research on the matter is being ignored or suppressed.
The consequent weakening of people’s immune systems prevents them to self heal, so they need to return to the doctors and the prescriptions, which is exactly what they are supposed to do. This would not be the case if, worst case scenario, they would be truly cured.
Of course all this goes fine with the pharma and medical industries which rush to help. Pharma products address symptoms but cause damage elsewhere in the body. New preservatives including heavy metals (mercury, aluminum, cadmium) have been introduced in vaccines … for the welfare of children. Etc, etc..
However, I was recently told, allopathic medicine is a technology driven process, not a scientific driven process because science would make a careful assessment of the practices and demonstrate the poor results in terms of financial investment/curative impact ratio. Symptoms are addressed but causes remain, thus preparing for the next bout of sickness and the next bills to pay, thank you very much. So goes the world and most think it has to go this way because they are told so.
On one hand the food, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, marketing, medical industries. On the other hand the brave practitioner who really would like to cure. He looks like a lonely don Quixotte but mathematics will come to his help.
USA spends 1.3 trillion a year on health and going broke because health does not improve, and sickness expands (Cancer and obesity pandemic) National economies cannot cope with this situation. State budgets are busted in most countries where the allopathic medical system is guaranteed by the insurance rent. So Obamacare was not such a great idea after all. When patients spend money that is not theirs on their health, they do not have a real incentive to select the most affordable effective therapy. Yet, given a chance, they would rather improve their health rather than the bank account of the doctor.
And the good news is that the best doctor is … our own body. For instance, naturopathy sees cancer as a last protection measure of cells which do not know anymore how to get rid of the toxins and do not get enough oxygen. Hence return from acidity to alkalinity and oxygenation is generally recognized as the path to constitutional healing. Toxicity is not only physical but mental or emotional, anxiety, fears, etc…So even if a specific treatment (chemoteraphy or surgery) get rid of a tumor, the conditions leading to this cancerous condition must be healed, otherwise it can obviously reappear. The sickness is no longer the enemy but the waking call inviting us to take responsibility for our own health.
So it is about holistic healing, a good thing in any case, isn’t it? Beyond any specific ailment that may trouble us, we go for a constitutional improvement that enhances our total health and fitness. Being a novice in this field, I was introduced to the emerging world of true healing while visiting dr Alex Yuan in Hong Kong who confidently states it is possible to be healed and not fooled. For more info on his clinic you can go to