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Expecting to Fly

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The famed baby boomers post war generation was brought to the world by parents who dealt with a mean world war; they had strength and still had values. They cared about parenting. This gave the baby boomers, in the sixties and seventies, the audacity or becoming explorers.
They sailed into the unknown, embracing the big adventure of seeking: a new society, a new order, a new meaning, a new sensation. This search through oneself, other people, books and substances was both tantalizing and ill defined.
We had the courage of dare devils, believing to own the innocence of angels. We were wrong.
Patrick is a friend I shared a house with in London in the seventies and I was moved in enjoying his recently published recollections. His autobiographic Essay, “Expecting to Fly” is an entirely honest and brilliant illustration of the path, frought with many dangers. Trekking in the haze without knowing wether it is twilight or dawn, in a valley of shadows and lights where many got lost while some reached their destination. A book worth reading. He describes it in the following words that still bear the faith of that generation:
‘This is the story of a quest for the magical and profound, a journey of experience in search of the elusive key to higher consciousness.’