The Gate of Artemis


If the law of nature is the survival of the fittest, do not bet on the future of modernity. This is a very messed up merry go round world. It is easy to see what goes wrong but quite hard to figure out how to make it right. The way we run our affairs is so stupid that the sense of humor is becoming just part of survival instinct. Yes, our role models are expensive but there is a reason. Our celebrities are walking vacuity, remunerated by the System to promote the senseless life style that keeps bits of our vanity industry spinning. They may take everybody with them in dumbdom. Hello! Ola! No one will notice. ?The big picture? for Posh Spice, after soccer and music, is how to move into selling cosmetics . . . in the meantime, globalization is also about teaching people how they must say thank you in English, German or French, once you have befooled them .