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About Humility

The most powerful weapon to conquer the devil is humility. For, as he does know at all how to employ it, neither doe he know how to defend himself from it. Vincent de Paul

About The Journey

Moi qui sentais geindre a cinquante lieuxLe rut des béhémots et les maelstroms épais,Fileur éternel des immobilités bleues,Je regrette l’Europe aux anciens parapets. Arthur Rimbaud le bateau ivre

About The End

Naechtens will Ich mit dem Engel redenOb er meine Auge anerkennt.Wenn er ploetzlich fragte: Schaust du Eden?Und Ich musste sagen: Eden brennt Rainer Maria Rilke Toi dont l’oeil clair connaît les profonds arsenauxOu dort enseveli le peuple des métauxO Satan prend pitié de ma longe misère ! Charles Baudelaire les litanies de Satan Noir voyage obstrué…
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About Knowledge

The words of the prophets are written on the subway’s wall. Simon and Garfunkel the Sound of Silence Dialectical thought attains the concreteness which links the structure of thoughts to that of reality. Herbert Marcuse Thinking small does not deliver big A FAO civil servant from Mali To comprehend what is, this is the task…
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About Surrender

We are afraid of losing what we have, whether it’s our life or possessions or property.  But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world were written by the same hand. Paolo Coelho               the Alchemist What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational.…
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The Vibrations, The Shekinah And The Presence

“And I have felt A presence that disturbs me with joy Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime Of something far more deeply interfused, Whose dwellings is the light of setting suns, And the round ocean and the living air, And the blue sky, and in the mind of man: A motion and a spirit, that…
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About Reality

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. Paul Valéry To see a world in a Grain of Sand, And heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour William Blake In the totalitarian era, the therapeutic task of philosophy would…
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About The Mind

We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality. Lucius Annaeus Seneca Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln We are always doing something, talking, reading, listening to the radio, planning what next.  The mind is kept naggingly busy…
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About Amrit And Ecstasy

In the world of Brahman there is a lake whose waters are like nectar and whoseoever tastes there of is straightway drunk with joy; and besides tha the lake there is a tree which yields the juice of immortality. Chandogya Upanishad The spirit in thee is a river.  Its sacred bathing place is contemplation; its…
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About Meditation And About Introspection

Stop thinking and talking about it and there is nothing you will not be able to know. Zen Koan Silence. All human unhappiness comes from not knowing how to stay quietly in a room. Blaise Pascal Seek to know Brahman by meditation. Meditation is Brahman. Taittiriya Upanishad The Self exists in man, within the lotus…
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