The Gate of Isis

The Twelfth Imam

Some walk kilometers to get drinking water
But the kids of the rich have better things to do
Vuitton, Porsche and Gucci is what they are after
Oh, yes, all the girls, this is very cheap too.

Rulers have become cheats, leaders are con artists,
Whose purpose is to suck the wealth of the many
To their criminal plots no one can resist
Let the whole world be poor, let me get the money!

Jerusalem, Kashmir, the conch of war is blowing,
Satan in overdrive, he hasn’t lost his touch
Washington and Baghdad, the oil shall stop flowing
But the earth is shaking, evil is just too much.

Seers have seen before the sign of coming doom
A white horse beyond clouds appears high in the sky
Men scatter in panic, witches flee on their broom
For this Coming is such that no one shall deny!

The twelfth Imam returns to the place desolate
In the city of man, his horse knee deep in blood
Sand storm darkens the sky blowing the winds of fate
Judgment rides on fury, gale, drought, fire and flood.

In the Umayyad Mosque once more I prayed my God
He responds in silence a shower of sweetness
We failed to bring to him the vanished tribes of Job
I seat in tired peace forgetting my distress.

There is only one path to escape destruction
Mahdi Nirmala Ma the Imam Maitreya
Has taken the mudra of active compassion
Praying the wrathful Lord to postpone Pralaya.