The Gate of Isis

The Fight

You’re fighting with yourself,
I can see it in your eyes
Your questioneing the answers
And you recognise the lies
The pain is in your search
Religious confusion is building,
You stop going to church
’cause the preacher aint delivering
the food your soul
needs to survive
– And i can see that starving
Soul in your eyes

Caged in by the corners of your mind
It seems only through your heart
You can find
the thirst quelching,
stomach belching satisfaction
of well-fed truth –
Its your hands that’ll
show you the proff,
And when it happens
You’ll be feeling aloof
up on the roof
of your house, of your body and your mind
And with that you’ll know God is kind

I feel an urge to shout
When i hear or see a seeker,
Turn them away from the fire
That will only make them weaker,
Like a moth to a flame
I’d be on the loudspeaker
Warning them to fly away
But it’s wings burn anyway.
Its not enough to shout
Cause their defend by delusion
We need a wind strong enough
To blow out this illusion
To end misery and confusion
Instead of religious warfare
We need cultural fusion
The world needs to be One
Thats the only resolution
-So join hands with brothers and sisters
Of different creeds and faces
Other lands and places
and all together-
We’ll dance towards evolution