The Gate of Isis


I am puzzled by the fact that
When we grant attention to an illusion it swells with the appearance of reality.
I am puzzled that
This is the way we collectively shape the vagaries of history, as we know it.
I am puzzled that
The heavens rule above the other worlds but are invisible to all of them.
I am puzzled,
The darkness of evil is just the absence of light, yet this absence finds its way to maintain its presence.
I am puzzled,
We live as we would never die and many of us die without having had a life.
I am puzzled,
I am looking for something hidden within myself, yet myself am hidden to my own eyes.
Stating the paradox is the way of Zen,
Playing with the paradox is the way of Tao,
Breaking the paradox is the way of Sahaj.
Why be puzzled?
This is the paradox.