Climate discrepancy

Climate discrepancy

Discrepancy between words and deeds
Between shouts on the street
And whispers in the negotiation room

Jumping from slogans to mantras
And vice versa

Those who control us
Because they control money

Do not control anything
It’s not even funny!

The doors to solution
Are sealed with red tapes

Some say no use running
But we are running late.

50% gas reduction by 2050
Chances to reach are not pretty.

The main show in the ring
Is political posturing

We need decisive global action
But they cheat on emissions’ reduction.

Cap and trade schemes
Are said to have virtues

We’re looking at the movie screen
And stare at copulating tortoises.

Green washing is not enough
When the going is getting tough

There is hope and there is rage
The problem is not climate change

The problem is to change man
Do you know the One who can?

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