A Mama in Heaven

A Mama in Heaven

You have a sense of ownership
For the children of your sister
Caring guidance and stewardship
Are what you always deliver

You shine with the inner desire
Of devotion to the Most High
It glows in your eyes’ black fire
There is no telling how or why

Your singing is echoing
On the slopes of Mount Kailasha
Where you rejoin the pure being
Of the archangel Bhairava

He with light, you in a laughter,
Defeats the negativity
While our Sangha will forever
Cherish your songs, clear and mighty

Your destiny is now even
Prince of poets and best of friends
We will reach towards heaven
To touch your ever helping hand

Belos calls from the ether
To now rise in quiet splendour
At the feet of Our shri Mother
Where Lord Shiva grants his favours

Chandra Mama is the white moon
On the head of Pashupati
Baba Mama is like a boon
Given to us by the Devi

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