The Gate of Artemis


I put it in that order. Sometimes ago, this title would rather start with “ man, woman….”
But there is more to gallantry than meets the eye.
Man and woman, anode and cathode, dry and wet, sun and moon, yin and yang, hot and cold we are part of a play of polarity that existed in the creation well before we started thinking about it. The geography of meditation tell us these poles are contained in the two separate hemispheres of our brain.
Philosophers, from Lao Tseu to Hegel saw the poles as complementarity or contradictions, mutually feeding, interacting and dynamic. The movements of these zig zags going through the vagaries of history and psychology were captured in the word dialectics. Marx and Mao Tse Toung had their own reading and many paid for it.
What about the dialectic of genders?
As we struggle in the fog of this long age of darkness, the brain balance has not been achieved within and thus the gender balance is not achieved without. Over the last millennia, mostly one pole asserted itself over the other. As the feminists recognized it at the end of the 19th century, in most societies the dominating pole was the male one. Often the male would make the policy in the shade of the tree while the woman had to fetch wood and water under high noon sun. Or, closer to French civility, the husband would betray the wife supposed to look after his household and children.
On the other hand, when unleashed, women can win the war of the sexes. Women, says my Master, ruled men in Atlantis. Yet the sea engulfed that island and its civilization, so perhaps it was not that good an idea either. Hence the solution is not a pole dominating another one.
The solution is transcending the poles, the two hemispheres polarity of thinking and emotions. Then one ascends and reaches what Gurdjieff called Iness. A new identify carried by the hidden potential of the limbic area of the brain.
William Blake was not the only one to draw a spiraling staircase going to the heavens. The dance of the spiral can eventually be conducive to higher stages, moments of harmony or evolutionary breakthrough. In our individual life, the dance of polarities can bring enjoyment, synthesis and fusion in the relationship between a man and a woman. For this, it helps if a man is a real man and a woman a real woman. But being “real” means that both genders fully use both hemispheres of their brain, the “male” and the “female” one.
Today, under the one-dimensional male paradigm, the sorry state of our societies and corporations shows that being a bully is not the best behavior for those at the helm of affairs. We need a richer approach. New intuitive and empathic leadership models already now, be they adopted by men or women, confirm the greater reach of a new paradigm where the potential of the “feminine” right side brain comes better to the fore.
Bringing feminine qualities in men or masculine qualities in women does not mean that the evolutionary step waiting for us depends on sexual preferences. The huge paradigm change coming on us goes much beyond same sex sexual orientations. It has, actually, nothing to do with it. It is typical of the post Freudian era that quite a few people today seek to unlock their more profound identity through a sexual key, unaware they are perhaps knocking at the wrong door.
When we transcend polarity through the process of Self-realization , and when, later on, we bring our heart to our brain by the practice of meditation, the identity of this greater “I” includes the fusion between the male and the feminine principles within us. This has consequences.
A new womanhood is on the rise, a breed of beautiful, powerful and confident young women that will be endowed with the power to carry, to love and to empower. They will make men, sons, brothers, husbands that are strong, noble and giving. It is them who forge the metal of heroes.
A new virility is on the rise, a breed of young men that are handsome and strong enough to be and act without assertion or aggression. They can access the power store of calmness, compassion and forgiveness. They will make women, daughters, sisters and wives secure and fulfilled. They shall unlock in them the fountain stream of manifold blessings.
Blake’s visionary talents painted their advent and announced them. The citizens of the New Jerusalem he saw coming down to earth shall fulfill the play of polarity and forge secure families and communities. Conditions shall return to enable the dynamic evolution of our culture to ascend into a higher stage. That glorious dawn will erase the ghosts and shadows of the long last moonless nights.
We have written many love stories, sometimes with our tears, sometimes with our blood. But meeting the Self, the great “I am” will write a whole new chapter in the History of Love.
We shall, so to say, drink from the source and not from the smaller cups. For those who want to love, this is solid felicity.
It takes two to play this game; Womanhood and Manhood are here to stay.