The Gate of Artemis

Whistle Blowers

Autistic children or dying bees may speak of toxic vaccines or modified forms of pesticide but the public is invited to trust the system and entertain themselves elsewhere, leaving serious matters to the serious people who are in charge of their life.
Twenty years ago the average American household was spending 8% on health and 16% on food. Now they spend 8% on food and 16% on health. Soon health budgets will become unmanageable and the direct and indirect costs of the explosion of diabetes alone will devour hundred billions of dollars. What do such shifts in statistics tell us?
We said in a previous article on Artemis that the banking , food, agricultural, health, chemical or pharmaceutical industry, and the medias that live off their advertisement fees are impacting our daily life in so many ways. Our body and health, our mind and the information it processes, our level of income and wealth are fashioned by their policies, protocols and procedures in a manner that we are not aware of because much of it was hidden and undeclared.
Multilateral (WB, IMF, EC etc…) or state structures join this global fraternity of interests and influence. They too hide wrong doings in packaging neat policies that, in turn, should not be scrutinized but implemented. Religious institutions have their own expectations of compliance by the faithful. The difference between a spiritual movement and a sect is that, in a sect, inquisitive intelligence is banned as “anti” and bad, while in a spiritual movement the search for truth is respected. It was after all at the roots of the teachings of such great instructors as the Buddha or Socrates.
We should at least ask what is the true state of affairs? Kierkegaard would observe in soft despair. Democratic institutions and market economies will maintain people functional, as the consumers must generate the income from which these structures can feed. Corruption is required to protect falsehood. The raison d’être of the system is not new: to maintain control over the unsuspecting masses so that one might quietly suck wealth out of the consumers or the faithful. The ruling vampirism of money in this last age of crass materialism has replaced all ancestral values. (In totalitarian rgimes, there is no need to hide any of this. The robbery of public wealth and freedom is the order of things.)
Politicians want to maintain jobs whatever factories produce. Governments elected to protect citizens don’t do it because they bow to the power of big tax payers (provided corporations do not fiscally optimize all their revenues) and of intense and well paid lobbying. But unsuspecting citizens started suspecting, notably because information cannot be so easily restrained or suppressed on the world wide web. Hence “indignez vous!” : the complete dissatisfaction of people with the political world in Western democracies.
This kritta yuga (the age of exposure) brought forwards a growing number of academicians, researchers, bank employees or priests that depend on the system but start challenging it because they see from the inside the evil in the system. Usually they do so at enormous personal risks. They face being turned in ridicule, the loss of their job or character assassination.
What motivates a whistle blower? A few may go for the cash ( the UBS whistle blower in the USA got $ 104 million for giving away his employer). Sometimes an angry mother wants simply to protect her child from abusive compulsory vaccination. Sometimes the honesty in a man’s conscience wants to get to the truth. When you see smoke on the horizon, and these days we see pretty thick smokes everywhere, it does not mean you know what sort of fire causes it but, to be on the safe side, you want to know.
The renegade bank employee may not be a mystic but he shares the motivations of those who, in every century, challenged the errors dissimulated in the established order. Telling and sharing the truth is also an act of love because we feel instinctively that our refuge lies on the ground of the truth and we want to help how to find that place. An honest whistle blower is the heir to a great philosophic tradition, which enquires what is the truth. What is it after all?
Questioning something does not mean that you are against it. Asking about the management of a corporation, an industry or a school does not mean that you are against this industry or this establishment. It means on the contrary that you need more evidence to better understand and to better support it.
But exposing that priests speak of holiness and do the contrary, that banks help themselves before helping their clients, that toxic substances in pesticides, food and medicaments harm the consumers, that sectarian behavior has nothing to do with spirituality, exposing all this and much more has consequences. Necessary consequences. We must design proper vaccination programmes, grow food in better ways, purge educational institutions from pedophile or regulate banks. In kritta yuga, the destructive power has a name. It is called the truth. But the truth is destructive only of what that is false. Admittedly, this turns out to be quite a lot.