The Gate of Artemis


“What is sin?
Not loving the truth is the sin.”
HH Shri Matji Nirmala Devi Navratri puja, Weggis, 1984
During the above celebration, Shri Mataji said that the pujaris of Mahasaraswati are those who take to reality.
Those who do not bother about the truth, those who compromise with it because it is easier, those who reconstruct it because it serves them better, those who distort and revise because they do not follow it cannot be called sinless. Can they be called Her followers?
She gave a necklace of grey pearls to my cousin and the golden necklace She was wearing to my sister. Both of these daughters of Shri Durga at the time were engaged in their battles. Both were fighting for the truth.
Clans, sects, societies and entire nations met their fate because they traveled the ways of those who made them follow their own truth. At the end of these paths they faced destruction.
What is liberation?
The truth for those who follow it.
What is destruction?
The truth for those who don’t.