The Gate of Artemis


This city has been refurbished and repainted in bright colours, palaces refurbished and houses restored, but these laudable Potemkin efforts that should bring the manna of tourism to the city hardly hides the rampant poverty that still affects the regions of the former DDR.
It is hard to erase history and wise not to try. However they should be forgiven for trying. Much of Germany’s side of light was emitted from here, and wouldn’t it be tempting to revive some of its rays?
I arrive before the statue of Goethe and Schiller. I feel their friendship, how they stood before the world and how they succeeded in doing so. I feel moved and before I know it my kundalini rose powerfully. It felt as if Goethe was alive, I could distinctly see his face. Walking with friends in the great ducal park, we all felt a very deep peace. Yes, friendship is precious.