The Gate of Artemis


Crans Montana, Suisse, Bisse de Tsitoret

A la poursuite de la lumière.
Il n’y a que Vous dans le déchaînement des splendeurs.
C’est un grand mystère que la race des aveugles ne puisse vous voir.

Side Boker, Israel

We need to prepare and we need to be prepared.
We thought the train was reaching destination and entering the main terminal.
But it was actually a departure station.
The tired traveller has to adjust.

Puna, India

Christmas 2006 of grace and forgiveness, I am guided by a choreographic attention. The castle is so welcoming, full of colours and lights. It was said the devil is in the details but I say, before the devil reaches there, it is God indeed I found in the details. And His Christ.

Arusha, Tanzania

The deputy minister of public infrastructure, an ample and jovial lady dressed in white with a small white hat tells me with a large smile:” we had El Nino and it took away my railway”.

Neusiedlesee, Austria

There aren’t that many riddles that can we can solve in a lifetime.
It takes, well, it takes time.
Therefore I dedicated myself to respond to the question
“What the hell am I doing here?”
It turns out not much really.
Or did I get this wrong too?

Someren, Holland

The advantage of moving to the side of Shiva is that one truly leaves the Game to Vishnu. Less illusion.
It brings a great and joyous freshness of the Spirit. It is elated well-being and beauty in freedom.
Do not manifest through action but through the Self. Fewer illusions.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

When the space of the deities is vacant, no anchorage on the sushumna can be stabilized and the lateral movement of reactivity spread left and right.
If I let the deities occupy their seats, reactivity will disappear.
Deities permeate each other’s: the witnessing power of Krishna relates to the Shiva tattwa within the Virata.
The entire world is the process of externalization of the deity but its evolution leads to internalizing it again.
Thus Brahman breathes:
As it exhales, illusion is created.
As it inhales, meaning is restored.
Thus Reality is the process of internalizing divinity.
The Goddess has deposited in each of us the totality of the power of human becoming.
What shall we do?

The Enar Fortress; N R = Non reactivity
To understand so much and realize so little, this is the bane of the right side.

New Delhi, India

To be a saint in the heavens must be a heavenly experience. What about being a saint on this earth? I am not sure.
The devil is an exhibitionist pimp. He loves to boast about his work. This is why much in the medias leans towards evil.