The Gate of Artemis

The Vashi Mother ship

Yet another time, the Vashi Center for Applied Consciousness Research has proven its worth.
We are all scattered star fighters, roaming in the vast galactic night of this cosmos of illusions, fighting a battle against foes we don’t always recognize, mostly ourselves.
The Center is like a mother ship, fully operational with repair and maintenance facilities, hospital and congenial rest and recuperation accommodations.
When the damaged star fighter docks there to service the engine, check the wings geometry and repair the circuitry, we bring our selves in our fullness, that is, we bring both the friend and the foe of that ongoing battle.
Actually we unload from our cargo compartment the entire battlefield because the battle is always inside although we often mistakenly think it is outside. Being drawn out from our inner field is the first mistake we too often commit.
Spacecrafts fly in from all the corners of our wounded planet, Australia, India, Romania, Switzerland… Space travelers are mostly exhausted and weary; there are women and men, the children and the elderly, without forgetting the occasional lunatic that flew too close to the moon and who entertains and worries the staff of the Vashi Mother Ship.
The Ship is under the command of a young admiral who briskly goes about his own errands but keeps an ever watchful eye on all that moves in his space station. The regeneration programmer for galactic visitors is his wife who is a person of great gentleness and mystery. A healer and priestess, she is connected to the Force emitted by the primordial queen who is the benevolent ruler of the cosmos.
Indeed there is a special charm, a grace, that is beamed from Her high abode towards the Mother Ship. Visitors feel its effect. They gradually settle in, position themselves to catch the wave. The vibratory healing process starts.
The staff runs the operating system and procedures, providing advice as how to establish the connection. No one can predict exactly at which point of the treatment we debug the corrupt files, download the healing inputs and access the reality master file. But it works. At some point, the star fighters are reloaded with the Force of the beam.
How does it work?
The puzzled pilots sometimes ask such questions.
Some analysts say the Mother Ship is successful because it provides the space for the star fighters to reposition on the path of the beam. It is about location and trajectory. Others say it is because of the lore of the priestess who is a carrier of the queen’s blessings. It is also suggested that it works because of the Shradha encryption and locking system which permits to absorb the beam.
What is shraddha? They then ask.
But most secrets on the modus operandi of the Mother Ship can only be accessed by the practitioner.