The Gate of Artemis


Today’s battle is between integration ( centripetal force) and disintegration (centrifugal force).
A this delicate juncture, an energetic process opens to our consciousness the space between two thoughts (vilamba), and accesses the field of realized consciousness within inner silence. (the platonic episteme: knowledge).1
This breakthrough will be seen in history as completing the longest saga in the history of ideas that explores the perfectibility of man. A chapter of world history is ending. A new frontier has opened, though contemporaries hardly realize it.
Thoughtless awareness brings us to an evolved consciousness flow that is experienced in a state of inner silence. It enables a complete awareness and direct perception of the brain beyond the usual waves of emotional and mental activities. Thoughtless awareness is accessed though the practice of spontaneous ( sahaj) meditation.
As the Instructor and Founder of the new epistemological revolution (Vishwa Nirmala Dharma or VND) left this world, the practitioners of sahaja yoga/meditation try to firm up their road map and pick up the next steps of the journey ahead. It helps to remember at all time that it is a journey in consciousness.
Some are trying to reproduce the life world (critical theory of Habermas) of sahaja yoga through communicative action and language. they assume that inter subjective aspects of these exchanges will add up to construct or recreate the objective ontological quality (the glorious well being of Being) that they have experienced in the prime energy field opened to them by Self realization (sammadhi) .
However when communications are rooted in the mind’s perceptions, (the platonic doxa: opinions) they return to the statu quo ante and miss the above objective. Perceived subjective ‘truth’ by definition varies from a subject to another. Even when applying itself to the spiritual world, the mind, which produces forms and shapes, generates the forest of attributes (saguna) garmenting the dress of illusion (maya).
This is why some of the temptations that have affected historical world religions resurface in the emergence of this new consciousness movement. Most of these trends express hesitancy, a lack of faith in the capacity to travel inwards and to enjoy meditation. Thereafter the lack of qualitative introspection research prevents remedial action.
Hence the flight into externalization with its well known manifestations such as
Reliance on procedures, bureaucracy or institution,
Focus on hierarchy and authority,
Involvement in infrastructure development.
And worse,
Return to ritualism, pilgrimages and dogmatism,
Proselytism and lobbying,
Adherence to a sectarian trend,
Delusional identity of being the only true elected ones etc…
Deviations are possible because the centrifugal force can carry our thoughts and infiltrate our emotions. But the practitioners of VND escape as they actually manage the access to the higher state through the centripetal force of meditation.
Hence the impact of these deviations is checked at the meta personal level by the majority of those who access the fourth state (turya). This silence reveals pure consciousness without attributes (nirguna). Crossing the sixth chakra to quell mental and emotional fluxes, fulfills the quest for the philosopher stone, ( wish fulfilling Chintamani stone) and moves the attention from matter (Prakriti) to the Spirit (Purusha).
Through this narrow gate ( Christ’s door) a significant and rising number of people reach the shore of the ocean of ontological serenity (tat twam asi).
The sound of silence is … INFINITY.
The subtler instrument that can move the process forward is the silent majority (which practices VND) precisely because it is the majority and it is silent.
1 The unique discovery of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi reveals this process