The Gate of Artemis

The Practical Spiritual Mutation

From having towards being
From consuming towards enjoying
From working towards playing
From achieving towards channeling
From gratification to gratitude,
Written as the train sped by Arnhem, a bridge too far for the British paratroopers during World War II. But, thanks to HHSM, this is now within reach!
Decrease having, increase being ! Additional luggage weight is denied in The Big Trip. Do not create desires if you do not have to. Owning, possessing is THE illusion. At the end, we shall have nothing and we should prepare for it. At the end, we only take with us what we ARE. Philip, the northern knight, asked me what was my hobby. I searched, could not come up with a good answer.
I told him: “my hobby is existing”.
The other day I had told Nira. :” It is just a play! You are the Spirit, which has come in this world, in this form, with other forms of the Spirit, which are also incorporated in other beings.’