The Gate of Artemis


On the first of January 2000, the first day of the first week of the first month of the year announcing the new millenium, 7000 yogis gathered in Ganapatiphule to celebrate the Millenium Mahahavan. Here are the 51 invocations.
1 Fanaticism and all fanatics AUM SWAHA
2 Fundamentalism and all fundamentalists
3 Adharma and the corruption of the states
4 All criminal associations throughout the world
5 The evil of global economic exploitation
6 All factors contributing to world poverty
7 All forces against the restoration of Ram Raj in the land of Bharat
8 All forces against the establishment of sahaja yoga in the world
9 All the plotters of evil, deceit and treachery
10 The autocratic clerical sect known as the catholic church
11 The opus dei and the ADFI sect
12 All those guilty of blasphemy, calumny and defamation against the Holy Ghost
13 The fools who would challenge the immaculate name of the Great Goddess
14 All the enemies of the truth of Our Mother’s Advent
15 All the foes of adi shakti ‘s manifestation
16 All Rakshasas, Yakshas and mlechas
17 Obstacles to giving realisation
18 Shallow purporse and superficial attention
19 Materialism and modernity
20 The cultural trends of kali yuga that corrupts the youth
21 Drugs and all forms of dependencies
22 Attacks against children all over the world
23 Attacks against the sactity of marriage
24 Attacks against our collectivity
25 The negativity in France
26 Perversion of the French justice system and the fraudulent litigation against the sahaja yogis
27 The media conspiration against sahaja yoga in the West
28 The mayor of intolerance
29 Intolerance, white supremacists and racists
30 Ego, superego and their pitfalls,
31 Lack of innocence and lust
32 Anger and arrogance
33 Greed and miserliness
34 Attachment
35 Jealousy and envy
36 Lack of discrimination
37 Vanity and pride
38 People trying to use or misuse sahaja yoga for their own purpose
39 Failure of yogis to meditiate and introspect
40 Negativity to prevent togetherness,friendship and love in the sahaj sangha
41 Group formation against the unity of the sangha
42 All temptations of power and leadership
43 Our fears, doubts
44 Our lack of faith and confidence
45 Our lack of dynamism and vision
46 Our lack of surrender
47 All sins against the Father
48 All sins against the mother
49 All diseases in the world
50 Terrorism and all forms of violence
51 False prophets and fake gurus