The Gate of Artemis


It’s getting hot… But you know, this climate business is part of the Ekadesha Rudra, because the complete nature is out of balance. So you have too much water or you have too much drought. Last year you had a fantastic flood in Germany, and one year later, day for day, a lady whose house had been taken by the flood of a river was standing in the empty bed of that river, next to where her house stood and there was no water at all. So those extremes reflect the imbalance of man in his own psychosomatic balance. People are too much in the right; people are too much in the left. So nature follows that. Just now, Germany has lost one billion dollars in agricultural production; the temperature reached 54.6 degrees Celsius in Seville this summer while 11,000 people died of the heat wave and loneliness in France. Portugal has lost one billion Euros because of the forest fires, the size of Luxemburg. That’s all part of the Ekadesha Rudra. Like MTV, you know, it’s all part of Kali Yuga. It’s just manifesting more and more and more. Then we witness this unfolding but they don’t understand. You know this stanza 9:11 of the Bhagavadgita? You know this, right? Herbert put it on the web.
Someone asks – What is it?
You don’t know the stanza 9:11 of the Bhagavad-Gita?
“The fools of the earth recognize me not, when I walk among them in my own human body, I the Supreme Master of this all.”
Stanza 9:11 of the Bhagavad-Gita! Perhaps, at a subtle and symbolic level, it suggests that we get into troubles because of our lack of spiritual sensitivity. If so, Kali Yuga and the destruction of Kali Yuga would happen because the incarnation of this yuga, of this millennium has been walking on this Earth in Her own human body and they did not recognize. I mean, when you look at the attention the media gave to Sahaja Yoga, did they recognize Her? When you look at the attention that the established powers gave to Sahaja Yoga, did they recognize? You know, when someone pushes the elevator button number five, he has ego because he was able to reach the floor number five. It is hard to communicate with such people. If people are only ignorant but humble, you can help them. If they are arrogant but intelligent, you can help them. But if they are both, ignorant and arrogant, then it’s stanza 9:11.
Bush is another story. Of course Shri Mataji has been backing President Bush, there’s no doubt about it. But there is also the problem of linearity. You know, you can be right for some time, but then you can go wrong at some point. So it’s not that, because we are all yogis, we are all Republican.
Ok guys, whatever is the next step…