The Gate of Artemis

Sat Chit Ananda and not vice versa

Truth Consciousness Bliss, the cardinal trilogy of godly attributes. There is logic in the sequence. It was not spelled Ananda Chit Sat.
The truth is the gate to consciousness and when consciousness merges into truth, the bliss is pouring. For truth is of the nature of His Reality. And there is none other, even though the sheets of our virtual worlds hide this perception.
Truth is divinity as it can be apprehended by its creature brought to perfection.
Those who profess consciousness expansion or claim states of bliss without going first through the gate of truth have crowded the corridors of history as the vociferous horde of religious charlatans.
Those who ambition to manifest around themselves the unity of a human community at the level of their own sub standards agenda are missing the standard gate of truth and turn into manipulators, control freaks or all the little and big fascists.
Those who fancy truth is what they think or what they construct in their brain have begotten the absurd world of trendy destruction.
But it is the Gate. The Guardian set it so. The Guardian said so.