The Gate of Artemis


“You have seen the light, be prepared to see the darkness” – H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Age of Darkness, Kali Yuga in the Hindu cosmology, is the age when Evil rules. It ends with Kritta yuga, the period when things happen, action is on, exposure takes place.
Thus the present century is the period during which whistles are blown, what was hidden is revealed, and evil, precisely, is exposed.
Not pretty! In fact the stuff is depressing and ugly. Democracy is emptied of its substance. The commodisation of human beings, the exploitation of people and natural resources is raging on a grand scale.
The moral fibre of those exploited must be erased so they cannot resist. Hence alcoholism, drugs, pornography: break their families; take away their job, their dignity.
Cut the budget for those social services that make such a fuss. Cut the budget for education: lucid citizens are a nuisance.
A degraded mass cannot build a meaningful force for change. The only response left to the victims is violence, perhaps, but the people’s rage is no bother for the plutocracy in power.
The oligarchs can turn the mechanism of State violence on dissent. They have done it and they will continue to do so.
The purpose of the State should have been to maintain the ethical and social balance through distributive justice. But, from Washington to Moscow without forgetting the lesser capitals in between, they have penetrated and corrupted the State apparatus.
They make money but our eco systems must die. Our children and the future, is not their problem.
They make money but the food they produce is chemical junk. Our health and the obesity pandemic is not their problem.
They make money with weapons, of course, but they make sure that peace does not become a problem.
They make money with religion because the corruption of religions is a pet project of the devil.
They make money but we don’t because their financial system destroys our wealth.
Shall we conclude we are losers because we do not make money? (This, by the way, is the suggested option of their one-dimensional thought.)
Shall we say “thank you”?
Or shall we resist?