The Gate of Artemis


Natural catastrophes, climate change, resources depletions, environmental scarcity as well as poverty frame the landscape of a new type of wasteland. Public security threats, forced refugee flow or extreme instability within vulnerable regions reflect a questionable stewardship of this remarkable planet.
Globalization is the driving force of contemporary history. Nevertheless, the importance of the financial and economic dimension of this process occults the deeper aspects of relationships between the people of this earth. Recent crisis show once again that globalization based only on material market values can unlash centrifugal forces.
Speakers at the WEF in Davos, for instance, now emphasize that the present model of globalization could fail if it cannot be substantially adjusted to address solidarity, equity and ethical issues. When spirituality declines, ethics vanish too. The loss of the inner path causes the decay of traditional cultures, the cynicism of the elite, inequity, social exclusion, violence or amorality.
The enormous force of technology, trade, finance and the liberalized economy seems at times at odds with distributive justice, the wider distribution of wealth and the maintenance of regional identities. In this process exclusively driven by materialist values, wider disparities exist within national societies and at the international level. People lose their jobs, replaced by machines, while those remaining chained to these machines suffer from overwork, anxiety and stress.
To this day, politicians and market forces have yet to demonstrate that globalization is equally beneficial to all. Existing international policy instruments are inadequate to hold a critical mass of ” Global Equity Equilibrium”. Yet, starting to deal with the future before it reaches crisis level is the only way we will be able to avert the coming of this civilization’s perfect storm.
Therefore policies to build up compatibility for an alternative evolutionary scenario are being explored. But sustainability cannot be reached without reverting to ethics. Ethics cannot be reached without inner consciousness transformation. This transformation cannot be achieved without the praxis of meditation.
In line with the messages contained in the mythological records and philosophical annals of our race, the experimental rediscovery of inner consciousness values could balance the above described centrifugal trends by impacting on a significant number of economic actors, preparing them to carry the centripetal dynamics for togetherness, well being and prosperity. Can the access to a genuine inner potential of consciousness empower us to improve our societies and ourselves?