The Gate of Artemis

Is it gay or is it sad ?

God pre-exists our constructs. Whether we believe in Him or not makes no difference for Him/Her or It. It could make a difference for us though.
From a spiritual point of view, Reality is something we join, not something we create. Those who say that the future is for us to invent are nicely enthusiastic but also a bit naive.
In the experience of mystics, the itinerary of evolution is to join Reality, not to create a parody. If we manifest It we find fulfilment.
This applies to all levels and let us refers to reality in very simple terms… For instance, a man should be a man and a woman should be a woman. To be a man fully or to be a full woman is a prerequisite to manifest the potential of our higher and divine identity. Bit of course, in the context of the clever post modern age, nothing is more politically incorrect than a simple truth.
In many so quote advanced countries today, the word “family” does not quite mean what it used to.
In France for example, more of half the couples are not married and if you think you understand the word “couple” you may under estimate the complexity of the subject. In Germany 40% of professional workingwomen have no kids. When German networks beam on TV the images of progressive couples that vote for the free market economy, they show two guys with babies or two ladies with babies.
No wonder that the authorities in Tchad do wonder what shall be the fate of babies so generously adopted by white people. The European Court of Appeal just ruled it is discriminating to prevent a gay couple to adopt, so good luck babies, you are not those who have been given a choice.
Half the comedies on the TV channels show the courage it takes to tell daddy I am a gay or my daughter I am a lesbian. Wow, what an achievement on the scale of human rights. Europe is progressing, not with birth rates of course, but with mainstreaming the pretension to rewrite the rules written by our Maker.
An apple tree is an apple tree. You would think it does not have the choice to become a cherry tree. But a man can become a woman or vice versa. They call it freedom. Don’t dare to disagree.
The cultural and political lobby behind the highly militant gay movement is intransigent and sees itself as the last frontier of cultural accomplishment. Straight people are intimidated; those who disagree with the construction of this new liberation are bigots or homophobes.
The gay world is the proud heir to a dual legacy:
The movement is the offspring of the Freudian fraud where the expectation is promoted that the innermost depth of one’s identity shall be revealed through sexuality. In the reductionism of this model, the human potential for change is reduced to commuting between organs and genders.
It corresponds also to a relativist philosophy where the script is in a language of the writer’s invention. Nothing is true or absolute but every line can be invented, normalcy redefined, to fit the craze of the day, going on a crusade with underwear as a banner.
Records of history exist, and they cover also periods of decadence. But this too we must rewrite. No one guesses any longer that fulfilment is within Reality. Hail to the “virtual world generation”: they are reprogramming themselves. The ultimate game of rationality is that everything can be explained and justified.
We may love sand castles on the beach but we should not pretend they shall last.
The problem is not the cost of transsexual surgery. It is the price of lost wisdom. We basically tell God we disagree with the way we are manufactured and we are going to do better. Is it a good idea?