The Gate of Artemis

Fire at the Rothenfels Burg

The German riders, and some Austrians, have reached the place of encounter, the castle of Rothenfels. They are now silently sitting in a large circle, in the gray mist of a February morning, to perform the fire sacrifice. I offer in the fire of my Kundalini the oblations of my being: the shape of my thoughts, the moisture of my emotions, the fruits of my actions, and the movements of my desires.
My ego is like a little rat who tries to steal the offerings of my yagnya. From my thoughts, he brings back creativity, from my emotions and desires, self gratification and from my actions self glorification. The little rat runs outside the space of silence, carrying these crumbles, to a little corner where he will try to eat it all by himself.
Only pure vacuity can worship lord Shiva.