The Gate of Artemis


The Kalpataru Tree is the mythical tree that fulfill desires.

The tree is the symbol of our identity and its potential.

The roots are our deeper spiritual dimensions.

The trunk is our constitution.

The branches are our abilities and skills.

The leaves represent our actions.

And the fruits manifest our achievement.

Self-realization creates a living forest of marching self-fulfilling trees.

Spontaneous union brought forward by the Kundalini integrates the inner yoga and the external yoga, the yoga of union and contemplation with the union in action.

The first movement expresses introspection, the second expresses manifestation.

Both are necessary for the unfolding of our complete potential.

Introspection reveals what we are and by manifesting it we share our spiritual qualities with others


It is the movement of the attention toward the roots.

The roots capture the energy of our deeper self and send it though the Ida Nadi to the branches and the leaves.

The purpose of the inner yoga is to access the supply of the energy of the earth.

Meditation represents the movement of the attention inside, a phenomenon, which is possible, only when the awakening of the Kundalini sucks the attention inside.

Action represents the movement of the attention toward the outside universe.

The leaves capture the energy of the sun and send it through Pingala Nadi to

the whole tree.

The purpose of the external yoga is to access the energy of the sun.

These energy flows are necessary for an harmonious growth.

The balance between the two movements is important.

If the branches grow too big, the tree loaded by the overgrowth of the ego will be uprooted at the first storm.

If the roots do not grow, the tree will die.

But if the tree grows tall and strong, he is a lord of the landscape and gives

shelter to the creatures of the forest.

Homo sapiens draw energy chiefly from the outside dimension of existence and its creation, the modern world, threatens to be uprooted.

Antar yoga grounds our attention and identity

in the vertical dimension of our spiritual inner being.

Meditation fosters the vertical growth of our being, reaching further into its depths.

The outside world is the water, the inside world is the sponge.

The inner world and its energy catalyzed by the rising sap Kundalini, is more powerful.

It is emitted from the personality of a realized person on the surrounding water and it subtly influences the outside.

We absorb almost effortlessly.

The inner world is the water, the outside world is the sponge.

At the core of the inner world resides the Self, which is approached

through a loving heart.

The capacity to channel deeper spiritual energies toward the outside world

manifest the “horizontal” growth of his personality.

Such a personality is charismatic and emits love and generates

togetherness and companionship.

We transform almost effortlessly.

Verily we absorb and we transform.

A realized soul excels in creativity.

They create serenity, have healing power, and can raise the Kundalini.

They call for reverence among animals and can influence weather patterns.

In the same way, the tree needs to feed both from the earth and from the sun,

Homo spiritualis needs to balance both antar yoga and karma yoga in a holistic manner.

The symbiotic relationship between the horizontal and vertical movements means the birth of collective consciousness, which will revolutionalize social psychology.

All the spokes are connecting to the hub.