The Gate of Artemis

Does any script go or is there a right script?…

Does any script go or is there a right script? For life, knowledge, behavior, society? This is the biggest question of epistemology and ethics. Modern relativists pretended, in their bombastic style, that any script goes, which suited perfectly the rule of neo liberal capitalist predators. This has created an amoral, immoral, environmentally destructive, socially unequal and politically unstable society. The ultimate ego-made mess! If any script goes, the script of the mightiest shall prevail and political culture promotes deceit. In a democracy, the true order of things must be hidden in order to obtain the compliance of the masses. Modern democracy is in essence manipulative.
But meta-modern spiritualists, and, for this matter, any wise men and women before them, state there is One right script and that we must rise on our own learning curve to meet its meaning, to let it written. The wise gradually designs this harmony with the underlying force, the Immanent, Transcendent that we call God.