The Gate of Artemis

Crisis and Responses

Slowly, those rulers who struggled to get to the top realize they landed themselves in an uncomfortable position.
They still cash on the black limousines, the attentive attendants and the seeming glory but freezing or scorching winds are blowing from all sides.
Hard to keep a stance!
They have difficulties to further hide how truly clueless they are to address the sheer simultaneity of emerging crisis from collapsing markets to the worst threat of looming eco-systems collapses.
Crises are periods where, traditionally, man turns to spirituality for guidance.
But can we hear the devil laugh?
Whenever an Incarnation manifests on earth to reactivate living spirituality, the devil waits for his hour.
Attacking an Incarnation is not so easy.
It is a much better sport to go for the puppies.
Disable the followers.
So invariably, when the internal living religion of experience (truth, consciousness, bliss shared in love) is not genuinely lived by the many, religion turns into the external show of hierarchies controlled by the few, building of temples and churches, possessions, pilgrims and hospitals or, more dynamically, jihad.
The lack of true inner achievements must be masked by the appearance of external ones.
Back to square one and bravo Mephisto, you did it again.
However this time it shall be different because the Incarnation of this Third Millennium is a Mother that gave a very special focus on building the capacities of Her spiritual children. With its careful balancing of our psychosomatic system and the resulting empowerment to cope with all aspects of daily life, sahaja meditation (sahaja yoga means: spontaneous union with the Self) represents a cornerstone of
our future global sustainability.
Then, if we so wish, we can have the temples and the pilgrimages.
It does not matter that much any more.
But why should we need the priests?
The internal religion realizes the potential of achieving satisfaction through a state of Being rather than in the accumulation of Having. If a growing proportion of human beings can finally achieve true satisfaction, spirituality can respond to the challenges of divided societies, failed economics and endangered environment.
Humanity’s prospects will be much brighter as the resulting change in consumption patterns will buy time because we must alleviate pressure on scarce resources and make a civilization transition to other healthier modes of energy, production and climate security.
We can take to an existential paradigm shift from Having to Being if we follow the path that goes inside.
And keep the religion there.