The Gate of Artemis


Verzeihen sie mir, wenn Ich auf English schreibe. I möchte aber das folgende teilen…
The Herald Tribune of 9.2.2006 tells us that a growing chorus of world leaders tries to calm the fury over the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad but violence continues to enflame the Middle East and Asia. Pundits comment importantly on culture wars and the freedom of press. But what is it about and is there something we can learn? I would submit that our countries must revive one condition needed to achieve integration, peace and prosperity. Let me offer the following thoughts that were shared in the context of the preparation of the 2006 European Realization Day:
Last weekend, I went with (an atheist) friend of mine to visit Tongeren, a small city in Belgium where there is a large flea market. Merchants put their ware on offer directly on the pavement of the street.
I showed the scene to my friend and said:
” Can you see all these crucifixes for sale, laying on the pavement? In the film “Kingdom of Heavens” from Scott Riddley, there is the following scene: Sallahuddin, emir of Syria and Egypt, has just defeated the last crusader king of Jerusalem, Guy de Lusignan. The city has fallen. The Muslim commander enters the palace that has been ransacked and sees a crucifix on the floor. He bows, picks up the crucifix and puts it on a table.
You see” I went on to press the point:” The “Da Vinci code” is a widely red book built on the fallacy of a physical relationship between Christ and Maria Magdalena. True Christians would consider this a detestable blasphemy but so quote Christians turned the book into a best seller and enriched the author. If we cannot respect Christ, tell me, how do they expect we can respect the Prophet Muhammad?”
My friend was a bit taken aback by my comment as for him the display of crucifixes was quite normal and, I believe, he had liked the book. But as European flags and burning in Beiruth, embassies are burning in Teheran because of the affairs of the cartoons he made an effort to see my point.
Of course we have no sympathy whatsoever for bearded extremist thugs who jump at any opportunities to hate Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or Jews in the name of the Prophet. They are his betrayers not his followers. True followers of genuine spiritual leaders are not in the business of hating. This is left to scoundrels far behind in the evolutionary scales. We had our own moments: the Thirty Years War for instance was a butchery that devastated Germany. It was then between Protestants and Catholics. Satan loves it: killing in the name of God is a trusted plot and he likes repeats on this favorite theme.
But, to be practical today, let us rather acknowledge the failings on our side, the European countries. Respect is due to God, to His Power, to His Son, to the Master He sends. Europe is the place of the Guru in the Virata. The Master must be respected and Europe is sternly reminded of the virtues of respect. We need to reconnect in Europe with our true traditions: once upon a time we were capable of respect.
“Our Father who arth in Heavens, hallowed be Thy name.. Ashahadhu Anla Illaha Illah Allah.”