The Gate of Artemis

2012 AD – Extract from the Book of the Dagad Trikon Riddles

Lakshman commented :
“Yesterday flooding under the el Nino took away the main railway of Tanzania. Dar Es Salaam is under water. The Philippines were visited in only two weeks by three typhoons who took down the slopes rivers of mud, lava and ashes of recent volcanic eruption. Three cities were buried. Forest fires are raging around Canberra and Melbourne for the last month. Portugal and Greece are scorched. In the whole world the price of food and commodities is sky rocketing. Syria and North China have run out of water. In chapter 41 of the genesis already, thy spoke of climate factors as the cause of the famine in Egypt. Do you think people would get it?
– No way,” shrugged Michael. “They want the goodies, they want the good life and they’ll die for it even when none of it is left”.
– It is hard to know where we go really, how can we decipher meanings? This is what the Oikos project was supposed to elucidate” said Tracy, sensing the frustration in her younger brother’s voice “but it failed. The Oikos researchers noted that the Maya calendar ends on 21 December 2012, with total solar eclipse and penumbral lunar eclipse in November. What is your take, Lakshman, you are a specialist for these esoteric things.
Well,” started the archeologists “there are secret inscriptions in the temples of Teotihuacán and Chichen Itza that Quetzalcoatl, the great Mesoamerican God would return on that year. As you know he is represented as a feather serpent.
– So what do you make out of it?
– Well, I am not sure, it is just a hypothesis.” Lakshman was hesitating.
– “Come on Laksh” Now Lakshmi joined the chorus.
– You want to know? Okay. You see the serpent and the feather suggest the combination of a serpent and a bird, right? At the same time Quetzacoatl is associated with Ehecatl, the wind god. So we get close to Avasthic knowledge here, the knowledge of a being carrier of the wind of vibrations. Moreover, when the Mayas adopted Quetzalcoatl he became Kukulkan, meaning a being that would transport the gods.” He concluded with a bright smile as if he had given his impatient listener a definitive clue.
– So can you be a bit more explicit dear?
– Don’t you see? The emerald God we visited in Vaikuntha was sleeping on the giant cobra. This does not mean he is never going to wake up. Remember, he is reported to have two vehicles: the serpent Ananta and the bird of fire: Karudas in Avasthic language or Garuda for the Hindus. When his carriers shall stir, the king shall wake up. When his carriers manifest in some sort of combined manner, they shall announce him. In my view it means the lord who leads evolution shall decide to intervene in it, in some sort of spectacular manner … although we do not know how.
– For some reasons,” concluded Tracy, grateful for the tentative explanation, “2012 seemed to be a significant deadline not only for the Oikos researchers. There are hints of major changes in world order on Wikipedia and stories of doomsday on Google.
– Jung identified this carrier serpent with the Ouroboros,” continued Lakshman, pursuing his idea, “ the serpent of light which, according to ancient Chinese astrology, lives in the Milky Way; he is the “tail devourer” which represents cyclicality and recreates itself. When the sun comes out of the mouth of the Ouroboros, viewed at the galactic central point near Sagittarius, the great time cycle of the Milky Way ends in catastrophic change. This is what ancient Greek historian and Plato referred to as the Suntelia Aion, the End of the Age.
This solar sign will occur on the solstice December 21, 2012. Some say it will mark the tipping point of climate change, others that it may impact the ring of fire, the zone of plane tectonics and volcanic eruptions shaped like a horseshoe that encircles the basin of the Pacific Ocean.
– Not to mention poles shifts” added Tracy “a cataclysmic tilt in the planet’s axis of rotation. Let’s not go too far with these speculations. I’d rather see the fulfilling of the Avasthic prophecy The Suntelia Aion and all this could indeed mean the beginning of a new cycle of age.
– Perhaps” replied Michael who remained decidedly unimpressed, “but I simply do not believe in these doomsday deadlines. They keep on shifting all the time. In the meantime, the Darkness is active. Evil spelled backwards is “live”.