Righteousness (Dharma) And Sin (The Six Enemies)

It is all about whether you are willing to sell your soul for an outcome

Georges Clooney

Bullies always comes back so why not stand up to them first time round?

John Noyce

And the rain washed naked throng came before them,

Trembling to receive their judgment.

For their sins were many, and they had defiled the earth,

Yea, they had destroyed the creatures of land and sea,

Poisoned the ground, fouled the air,

And buried alive the Mother who had given them birth.

The Essene Book of Revelation

Vice is waste of life

George Bernard Shaw

The time is always right to do what is right

Martin Luther King

Il n’y a point de vice qui n’ait  une fausse ressemblance avec quelque vertu et qui ne s’en aide

La Bruyère

On a really clean tablecloth, the smallest speck of dirt annoys the eye.  At high altitudes, a moment’s self indulgence may mean death.

Dag Hammarskjoeld

Den Teufel spürt das Völkchen nie

Und wenn er sie beim Kragen hätte!