About Evolution

About Evolution

The principle of development involves also the existence of a latent germ of being – a capacity or potentiality striving to realize itself. This formal conception finds actual existence in spirit (Geist); which has the History of the world for its theatre, its possession and the sphere of its realization.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

To wish to progress is the largest part of progress.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Vivre, c’est naître lentement.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.

Johannes Wolfgang von Goethe

We don’t remain good if we don’t always strive to become better.

Gottfried Kellser

Just what you want to be, you´ll be in the end

Nights in white satin – The Moody Blues

I am a slow walker but I never walk back

Abraham Lincoln

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