90. For every blemish must be cleansed now with much water and forgiveness, no matter how guilty we may feel.

91. The one knowing the play alone shall give us the right cards so that we may win at the game of life.

92. On that day the sudarshana chakra was raised for all to gain the auspicious vision.

93. There is some sense of good and solid joy in the realization that the highest powers just want the best for all the children, be they born in the midst of dwarf tribes or doomed clans.

94. In this new companionship he had found, Baereli discovered that there was much fondness for celebrations.  So, another procession was formed to catch a glimpse of the sunrise on the tip of Mount Ganaraj.

95. They beseeched the Satgurumata to come too, for she is also named Shailaputri and Himavati, the daughter of the mountains, and this was very pleasing indeed to the mountain folks.

96. Let the waters flowing to the four corners of Europe be blessed.

97. Let the visitors who climb these slopes enjoy the feel of the sacred mountain.

98. Red is the color of the daughter of the mountains, the One who rides the tiger.

99. Let us not hesitate to rise higher and reach the place of worship.

100. “Climb, climb,” said Baereli, “all of you who love mountains, for the closer you are to the heavens, the sooner comes the light.”