1. He woke up as the bright morning entered his tent and he tried to recall the strange and wonderful dreams he had had that night.

2. He had dreamt of flowers left in a bathtub in preparation for a great ceremony, a most peculiar sight as dwarfs do not leave flowers in bath tubs but put them correctly in vases.  The fragrance of the flowers, however, was heavenly.

3. And in that dream he felt a sea of energy from which came a vision he could neither name, understand nor describe;

4. yet somehow he knew that it spoke of a giant Presence of mildness and power.

5. In this dream, from which he wished he had not woken, pink was the color for love and he felt he was floating in a feeling of all-enveloping sweetness.

6. So he finally got up and heard the call of the mountain to reach his destination without delay because – and this was one of the messages of the dream – time was getting short.

7. He related his dream to an old man who quickly turned away and, what a marvel, took a big plunge into the Pokhara lake.

8. Baereli took permission from Mount Annapurna to continue the search and, casting a last glance at the dear mountains, continued his journey.

9. He was lonely as he went on his way; he walked by the deserted places of ancient worship where the tears of unanswered prayers had dried out.

10. He stumbled on the way, struggling to become stronger than his memories that were running at the back of his brain.