Are you a code breaker? I mean are you interested in deciphering the subtle codes that influence the way we feel, behave and think and thus the way we interact with the world around us? Even a casual read of the newspapers of today reveals that the world we live in is in a bad way. We are beset with problems that seem beyond our abilities to solve. Global warming, fundamentalism of many kinds, corporate malpractice, increasing levels of depression and stress, rising unemployment in the so-called developed countries. The last 20 years has seen the gap between rich and poor increase at am alarming rate, both internally within each of the ‘developed countries’ and with these countries compared to those in the third World. There is today enough food on the planet to feed everyone but alas no political will to see that it happens. Meanwhile we consume non-renewable natural resources at an ever-increasing rate. On top of all this, terrorism and wars.

The great religions of the word have failed to encourage their followers to behave as their founders said they should, indeed within them, there is dissension and corruption on a scale that has caused many to question their very authority. On the other hand, there is an ongoing rise in religious fanaticism of every kind and those who lead it appear to be bent on creating mayhem and misery. Especially in Europe, people have lost faith in the political process to a point where fewer and fewer bother to vote in each successive election. Our interests are represented less and less by our political and governmental institutions and are often at odds with the prerogatives of the corporate world.

Even with the material progress we have made, the individual often feels left behind. We are bombarded with data faster than we can absorb it. Our dulled awareness allowed an inequitable socio-political system to develop, which has led to a loss of ethics and a culture of escapism and trivia promoted and supported by the advertising and entertaining industries.

The Third Advent unveils a possible solution for our collective survival and regeneration. It presents Self-realization, introduced en masse by a holy personality, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,

as the chief hypothesis leading to an evolutionary breakthrough, the awakening of our inner system and our transformation into the beings we were clearly always designed to become. And as we transform ourselves so does the world around us. The book describes an encounter with Shri Mataji, and the implications of this discovery in terms of the history of consciousness.

The Third Advent describes the workings of the system built within us, the three energy channels, the spiritual centers known as chakras, and an untapped energy – a residual force known as Kundalini – which, when released connects us to a universal power. Through Kundalini awakening, Self-realization occurs, and the human microcosmic computer is wired to the cosmic program. At that point the data starts to flow in our nervous system and is felt as vibrations. We feel then the state of our own inner system and the systems of others. When we are then linked to the cosmic program by vibratory awareness, we discover true reality and can perceive directly divinity within ourselves.

We connect with the whole, a first model of which the human system is a reflection. This awakening marks the entry into a higher state of consciousness and power, a state where we grasp better, enjoy more and become more effective in all aspects of our lives.

In our current condition, we have blockages in our energy centers, caused by our past actions, experiences and conditioning. The blockages inhibit the flow of the kundalini energy through the centers. Each center has specific qualities associated with it, and when the kundalini is not able to flow, the qualities of the centers recede and in their place we find the problems associated with the improper functioning of the centers – lust, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy and vanity. These problems in us cause the problems in our world. Yet, when the kundalini can be released and flows through our system, she pierces our energy centers, and clears and nourishes them. The blockages and their symptoms in time disappear and the innate qualities of the centers emerge – we become innocent, imaginative, satisfied, secure, collective, confident and real. As we change, so does our world.

The Third Advent discusses the specific problems in our inner system, the blockages on our chakras and the effects of the blockages on our personality, character, health and world. It discusses what our world and we can become as these blockages are cleared, and the human qualities associated with each chakra, emerge, with the activation of a fully functioning inner system.

The personality and destiny of each human being depends on the quality of the relationship between his spiritual instrument and God, the cosmic archetype. Proper functioning of our chakras is essential for our collective survival. They work for the individual and the collectivity alike.

This opens a path to a humanistic and spiritual way of life in which we will find our satisfaction in what we are and not, predominantly, in what we have.

At this stage of our evolution, Homo sapiens can become Homo spiritualis and in doing so develop a new vibratory category of perception which will guide him into a new cognitive kingdom. Homo spiritualis will enter into a new web of relationships with the cosmos, nature, all living beings and was well as with himself or herself. Through vibratory awareness a collective consciousness develops for the common good of the community and as well as the needs and aspirations of others.

Spiritual knowledge is essential – so we must make sense of it – we must know ourselves. In this process, we not only survive, but we feel for the first time an indescribable connection and sense of security and peace, a happiness and bliss which is our birthright, and in this we achieve the purpose of our own design and of our collective destiny.