Map and Illustrations of the legend of Dagad Trikon
drawings by the author

click on the numbers of the locations on the map : The Atatitlan haven on the shores of the Thalassean sea :: The Elnorian fleet reaches the city of the living dead :: The Omkar Fountain in the Cave of Wonders of the Lady of the Rock :: Ysaprem of Anorhad :: A Sheravalian rider attacking the offspring of a Titanosaur :: The Emerald king in his abode of the heavenly waters :: The Grand Master of the Circle of the Aulyas

The fort of Kalabham

The guardian

The well of energy in the Shambalpur temple

The residences of Eleksim in the underground citadel of Elnelok

The uplands of the Gundaldhar fault

new illustrations 16th October 2011

The One who is worshipped at Pujan festivals

The return of the yuva platoons to the fort of Elnur

Terrace fields in the uplands

The Blue Watch

The quarters of the House of Falkiliad in Elnelok

Avastha settlement. on the lake Nagasrovar

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