THE HANKERCHIEF – Mothers Attention

The hanker chief of Shri Mataji is always used at public speeches. It is given to Her, which symbolizes that Her attention  acts only in respond to our desire. The fact that She needs to ask for it, shows the sweetness of the Shri Mataji, who even needs to remind us to desire the salvation of mankind.  

Mothers Attention

Always crystal white,

Blank, pure, undisturbed.

Like a white flame being fed with the cause of evolution.

Unattached, identified exclusively with Her Queen,

Responding only to the prayers of Her devotees.

Once released-

It becomes an unfailing magical instrument

Of transformation, protection and salvation.

When facing the crowd

It is charged with love and compassion.

Playfully moving in the hand of her Divine Mistress

Like a white cloud in the clear sky of eternity.

Thus awakening and conducting an orchestra of celestial powers,

which multiplies into the one thousand weapons of the Great Goddess,

Descending on the collective body of man

Like a rain of grace.

Dispelling the forces of darkness 

 And liberating the six fortresses,

It calls upon the sleeping Mother

To enthrone their rightful masters.

After the battle, when the nectar- like moisture of perspiration

is being absorbed off the forehead of the Primordial Mother,

it retreats back into the state of Nirananda,

leaving the complexity of human mind

melted into Sahaja Samadhi.



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