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Badinage fictif entre la comtesse de ***
et Charles Joseph Lamoral Prince de ligne

The omega point of history

Le jour du sang

Chose maryadas or chose chaos

The Jihad of Lucifer

Vacuity and density



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Whistle blowers

The temptations of the faithful

The first temptation

The second temptation



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Conscience Collective

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Transhumance, regression, devenir

Talk to the Yuva

Collective Consciousness

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Climate, Gods and sinners

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300 years


The Legend of Dagad Trikon. A Summary


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Sakshi Season's wishes 2012

Music and Neuroscience,
Listening, Memory, Meditation, Performance

In memory of a special encounter

Les flagorneurs

Expecting to fly

The second temptation

The first temptation

The temptations of the faithful

Hommage mondial à Celle qui fut Magique

World wide homage to the Great Mother

Islam, Christianity and other missunderstandings

Faith, fear and the faithful


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Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu
and why it should matter to you

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2012 AD –
Extract from the Book of the Dagad Trikon Riddles


Is it gay or is it sad ?

Death, where is thy defeat ?

Voyager encore

Breathing is a smart thing to do

De l' API et des effets sur l'humeur des humains

Let us talk about the weather


Socrates and Alcibiades (20th century version)

Promenade sur les flancs du Mont Chauve Schierke, 8.11.2003

Statement on a Global Religion for the Third Millenium

Over consumption in rich countries....

11th September and beyond...

A Story of Eagles

Oesterriech Ruft

Maria Theresia - No wonder she loved the child Mozart..

10 Principles to Navigate in the Ocean of Samsara

Doing justice to India's deepest heritage...

For all those facing the long shadows of the night...

Maha Havan of the New Millenium.

In Kyoto's Ryohani Temple...

I was not as good...

Nomadic reflections

Navrartri 2001, November in Greece..

How come...

Homage to Herbert Marcuse.

Does any script go or is there a right script?...

Skjoldenoesholm Castle, Denmark.

Palais des Nations, Geneva

The laws of karma are the chain of...

Ode au plaisir...

Needed to write something just because...

Beyond the Nabhi Chakra

The Practical Spiritual Mutation

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Walk with the forest of kalpataru Trees

The seed is not the tree

Fire at the Rothenfels Burg

Fate is what happens to you

A messy go round

Street Talk

The Healing of Love


Deconstructionism and Id

How time goes by

The Rider and the Parrot

Deitis are Gates of Ubiquity

Muslim eschatology

The knight John of Jerusalem

La Havane de nuit


Dialogue in new roc city

N.R.G. Natural Recharge of Goodness. Energy!

How does it feel ?

The wealth of nations

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