Sakshi Pokhari :: The pond of the witness


Truth and falsehood :
A dialogue

F: Philosophers claim we don’t go along but they don’t understand our relationship: It is intimate: I speak like you, I dress like you; I am the one who pays the closest attention to you. I am grateful you exist.

T: How come?

F: My success derives from the fact that I carefully apply myself to look like you, from small details to the big picture.

T: Don’t you think it is a bit futile? By looking like me you do not become me.

F: Who cares? Pretending gives possibilities. I wear my emotions on my sleeves, I borrow so many shapes, I polish my identities…

…but end up with none.

F: Pretending is more useful than being.

T: This is not …true.

F: Ha, this futile word again is it? My resemblance with you is all what I need to win this race and you would know a winner when you see one wouldn’t you? Look how many people follow me! I make them fall in love, I throw them into wars.

T: Yes, I must admit, you do.

F: Of all the people, you cannot deny my success; poor you! You cannot serve the suave wine of hypocrisy, you cannot manipulate or twist, you cannot cheat or fake, how could you win?

T: You want to know? You run a sprint but this race is a marathon. There is a little misunderstanding but I wouldn’t expect you to get it right, would I?

F: So what happens at the end of the race?

T: I shall destroy you.




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